How to Up-Cycle a Hutch

OK Lovelies we are simply blown away with yet another amazing DIY project! This week – another person’s trash is “Snooki’s” treasure! With the flip budget nearly exhausted, Nicole is turning to up-cycling free finds. Clever girl! While driving Nicole sees an old street side dresser destined for a landfill and gives it a second life as a beautiful dining room hutch. By simply painting the piece deep blue she keeps to the fresh shore vibe and more importantly stays on budget. Now its your turn kiddos to find your very own curbside treasure waiting for reinvention!

Supplies Needed:

  • Colored Spray Paint (for wood)
  • Spray Primer
  • Clear Tarp
  • Gold Spray Paint (for metallic)
  • Painters tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood Putty


    1. Start with an old piece of furniture. When you’re hunting ignore color. Just look for interesting designs! “Snooki’s” had intricate wood detail on the drawer fronts.
    2. Fill any holes or scratches in the furniture with wood putty.
    3. After the putty dries sand the areas smooth. When you are done sanding, make sure you wipe off all dust.
    4. Remove hardware with screwdriver.
    5. NJSF-Hack-UpCycledHutch-2
    6. Spray Primer. This step is optional if you are painting a piece dark in color. However, If you are painting a dark piece a lighter color use primer as this will cut down on your coats of paint.
    7. After your primer has dried for at least 24 hours, you are ready to spray on the color. “Snooki” used semi gloss blue spray paint to add a beautiful sheen. Tip: Spray several light coats.
    8. NJSF-Hack-UpCycledHutch-3
    9. Spray paint your old hardware gold. Once dry add back into place.
    10. Stand back and admire your very own trash to treasure! Curbside finds never looked so good!
    11. NJSF-Hack-UpCycledHutch-4

Expert Painting Tips: Paint comes in a variety of sheens, including flat, low sheen or satin, semigloss acrylic latex and oil-based enamel. Oil-based paint can be used for both exterior painting and interior trim work; it’s also very durable and easy to clean.



Joshua Altman – Award-Winning Designer & Master Real Estate Flipper. Josh has always had a thirst for interior design. After graduating UC Berkeley, he dove into the world of design and real estate. Josh found himself at the top of the design map after successfully gutting and reimagining one of the most coveted & historic homes in San Diego. He is highly sought after for his trademark “Coastal Elegance” designs. After a decade of successful renovations, Josh recently opened the boutique design and real estate firm “Swoon” in San Diego, California. Josh has recently been featured in Dwell, Star Magazine, FYI, ABC, TheList, CW Television, LifeStyle, RAGE, and numerous talk show and television appearances.