DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table

DIY projects can look intimidating, so that’s why we had Nicole and Jionni walk you step-by-step through their favorite creations from “Nicole & Jionni’s Shore House Flip”. Kick your creativity into high gear with this week’s project and check out more Wednesdays at 9/8c.Whether you have kids, pets or just a mess to deal with, function is just as important as style when it comes to furniture. A great way to add flair to any living space is with a rustic coffee table. Wheels on the bottom make it super flexible for any room, and this clever design hack is pretty affordable–less than $100. We’ll show you how to do it!

Supplies needed:

  • (6) Wooden Crates
  • (6) L brackets
  • (1) 42 x 24 piece of 1/2 inch plywood
  • (4) Caster Wheels
  • (48) A ton of screws and bolts
  • Screw Driver
  • Stain or Paint of your choice (optional)
  • Paintbrush for staining the wood
  • Sand paper



    1. Sand or wipe down the crates to get a smooth surface.
    2. If you want, using your favorite stain or paint, treat the crates. Dry overnight.


    1. Place the crates on their side with the openings facing outwards (they will provide storage once the crate is done). Together they should form a rectangle. Fasten them together with wood screws or bolts (whatever your preference). Don’t worry about the hole in the middle. We’ll address that in the next couple of steps.
    2. NJSF-Hack-CrateTable-1
    3. In the center hole of the table, affix 1 L bracket centered along the 2nd rung of each create.
    4. Flip the “table” upside-down.
    5. Measure the bottom of the coffee table and cut the plywood to size.
    6. Secure the plywood (with at least 2 screws per side) to the bottom of the coffee table, creating a base. Keep the leftover wood for later steps.
    7. NJSF-Hack-CrateTable-6
    8. Once the plywood has been secured to the wooden crates, place one caster wheel in each corner of the coffee table and secure with wood screws.
    9. Flip the coffee table right-side up.
    10. Measure the hole in the middle of the coffee table and cut the leftover ½ inch plywood to fit in between the creates.
    11. NJSF-Hack-CrateTable-2
    12. Secure the plywood to the L brackets. This sunken storage will give you more space for your stuff!
    13. Fill the hole in the middle with stones, pebbles or a decorative plant and perfecto!



Joshua Altman – Award-Winning Designer & Master Real Estate Flipper. Josh has always had a thirst for interior design. After graduating UC Berkeley, he dove into the world of design and real estate. Josh found himself at the top of the design map after successfully gutting and reimagining one of the most coveted & historic homes in San Diego. He is highly sought after for his trademark “Coastal Elegance” designs. After a decade of successful renovations, Josh recently opened the boutique design and real estate firm “Swoon” in San Diego, California. Josh has recently been featured in Dwell, Star Magazine, FYI, ABC, TheList, CW Television, LifeStyle, RAGE, and numerous talk show and television appearances.