DIY String Art Project

As time starts to run out on the flip ” Snooki” looks for DIY projects that can be quickly executed. With the living room’s chic nautical theme in mind, “Snooki” gets to work creating a large teal blue anchor–out of string! You guys have probably seen this art around and wondered just how to do it. Well, it’s actually a super simple way to create beautiful personalized creations for your home with tools and materials available at any hardware store. This is also a project you can tackle in just a few hours and for less than 10 bucks! So, what are you waiting for? Get to work on your very own creation!
Supplies needed:

  • wood boards
  • nails
  • wood primer
  • paint
  • string
  • hammer


  1. First thing to do is paint your wooden panel (“Snooki” used white to make the string pop more).
  2. Then paint it!
  3. Create your own design or print a pattern on a sheet of paper. Place it over a painted piece of wood and trace using a pen or pencil. It will create a small indentation in the paint & wood.
  4. Hammer nails along the outline of your design.
  5. NJSF-Hack-StringAndNailArt-2
  6. For the nautical anchor she went with teal blue string to add pop to the room!
  7. To start your design simply wrap string around each nail. You can use a zig zag pattern or go all over. There is no wrong way to do this!
  8. NJSF-Hack-StringAndNailArt-3
  9. Once you are finished, add a fun frame to display your personalized art!

TIP: Try using multi-colored string on unpainted wood for another look!

Who knew you were such a crafty cutie?!


Joshua Altman – Award-Winning Designer & Master Real Estate Flipper. Josh has always had a thirst for interior design. After graduating UC Berkeley, he dove into the world of design and real estate. Josh found himself at the top of the design map after successfully gutting and reimagining one of the most coveted & historic homes in San Diego. He is highly sought after for his trademark “Coastal Elegance” designs. After a decade of successful renovations, Josh recently opened the boutique design and real estate firm “Swoon” in San Diego, California. Josh has recently been featured in Dwell, Star Magazine, FYI, ABC, TheList, CW Television, LifeStyle, RAGE, and numerous talk show and television appearances.