DIY Luggage Shelving

Nicole is killing it on her first flip! When she called me to design I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into! I must say I was really impressed with how sophisticated and savvy she has become through the years.
Instead of playing it safe with the design I wanted to push her comfort zone and go big. Given the office is a very small space it needed major impact!

The space turned out simply stunning and elegant. I hope you love it as much as we did! The floating suitcases are simple to create and perfect for any small space. Get the look following 4 simple steps!

Supplies Needed:

  • Jigsaw
  • Painters Tape
  • One 8 foot 2 X 4
  • 12 two inch screws
  • Measuring Tape
  • Black Marker
  • Stud Finder


  1. Start your hunt at local thrift stores, garage sales, or online for vintage suitcases. I prefer ones with years of traveling distress for character and patina! I also wanted masculine contrast against the floral and gold wallpaper I brought so I choose to juxtapose with dark black leather cases..
  2. nicole and jionni's shore flip
  3. Next step! Wrap blue painters tape around the entire case. Then draw a straight line on the blue tape to guide in cutting. Important! Before cutting remove the lining (otherwise it will get caught in the blade). Cut the suitcases along the marked line with a jigsaw. Use a blade designed for metal, as you will be cutting through various materials. This was Nicole’s first time using a jigsaw and she did amaze balls! Note to self: wear ear plugs…(not for the jigsaw but for Nicole’s screams).
  4. nicole and jionni's shore flip
  5. Installing them to the wall is super simple. Cut 2 X 4 pieces of wood to create an internal box to match the size of your interior suitcase. This will both fill out the inside and reinforce the shape of the cut suitcase. Screw the wood box frame you just fabricated into studs on the wall.
  6. Lastly, slide the cut suitcase half over the wood frame. Screw into the bottom of the suitcase into the wood frame to keep in place! That’s it! Rustic, whimsy and beautiful in no time at all!



Joshua Altman – Award-Winning Designer & Master Real Estate Flipper. Josh has always had a thirst for interior design. After graduating UC Berkeley, he dove into the world of design and real estate. Josh found himself at the top of the design map after successfully gutting and reimagining one of the most coveted & historic homes in San Diego. He is highly sought after for his trademark “Coastal Elegance” designs. After a decade of successful renovations, Josh recently opened the boutique design and real estate firm “Swoon” in San Diego, California. Josh has recently been featured in Dwell, Star Magazine, FYI, ABC, TheList, CW Television, LifeStyle, RAGE, and numerous talk show and television appearances.