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DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table

DIY projects can look intimidating, so that’s why we had Nicole and Jionni walk you step-by-step through their favorite creations from “Nicole & Jionni’s Shore House Flip”. Kick your creativity into high gear with this week’s project and check out more Wednesdays at 9/8c.Whether you have kids, pets or just a mess to deal with, function is just as important as style when it comes to furniture. A great way to add flair to any living space is with a rustic coffee table. Wheels on the bottom make it super flexible for any room, and this clever design hack is pretty affordable–less than $100. We’ll show you how to do it!

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DIY Barn Door Hack

Nicole is obsessed with creating the perfect closet and she isn’t going to settle with just standard closet doors! Her vision….sliding Barn Doors! You’ve drooled over them in blogs and magazines and now you lovelies can get the same look for less, courtesy of Nicole & Jionni’s Shore House Flip. Barn Doors are a space-saving feature especially when you are looking to maximize every square inch. That means, more room for shoes, shoes, and more shoes!!! Ok and some clothes…
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DIY Plumbing Bed

This week it’s Snooki v. Jionni: Kid-Room Showdown! With a limited budget Nicole needs to up-cycle wherever she can while also trying to one up Jionni! With tons of old plumbing lying around Nicole gets to work on an idea of replicating a high-end designer bed! It turns out to be a complete stunner! Follow the simple instructions below to get this jaw dropping soft industrial look of your very own – for a fraction of the price!

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DIY Custom Head Board

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jionni are ready to tackle the last bedroom and it’s all about bringing the shore inside! What better way to do that than to utilize old exterior decking? With beautiful distressed ocean blue hues and large wide planks it’s perfect for up cycling into a gorgeous headboard. Who wouldn’t want to be a guest in this beach themed paradise? Feeling inspired and ready to take on your very own DIY Headboard? Here’s what you will need:
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DIY Luggage Shelving

Nicole is killing it on her first flip! When she called me to design I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into! I must say I was really impressed with how sophisticated and savvy she has become through the years.
Instead of playing it safe with the design I wanted to push her comfort zone and go big. Given the office is a very small space it needed major impact!

The space turned out simply stunning and elegant. I hope you love it as much as we did! The floating suitcases are simple to create and perfect for any small space. Get the look following 4 simple steps!

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DIY String Art Project

As time starts to run out on the flip ” Snooki” looks for DIY projects that can be quickly executed. With the living room’s chic nautical theme in mind, “Snooki” gets to work creating a large teal blue anchor–out of string! You guys have probably seen this art around and wondered just how to do it. Well, it’s actually a super simple way to create beautiful personalized creations for your home with tools and materials available at any hardware store. This is also a project you can tackle in just a few hours and for less than 10 bucks! So, what are you waiting for? Get to work on your very own creation!

How to Up-Cycle a Hutch

OK Lovelies we are simply blown away with yet another amazing DIY project! This week – another person’s trash is “Snooki’s” treasure! With the flip budget nearly exhausted, Nicole is turning to up-cycling free finds. Clever girl! While driving Nicole sees an old street side dresser destined for a landfill and gives it a second life as a beautiful dining room hutch. By simply painting the piece deep blue she keeps to the fresh shore vibe and more importantly stays on budget. Now its your turn kiddos to find your very own curbside treasure waiting for reinvention!